Wellness Policy/DOH Report

Miami Children’s Museum Charter School

Wellness Policy Assessment 2017-2018

Miami Children’s Museum Charter School takes pride in the Local School Wellness Policy by implementing and setting nutrition educational goals. The main goal of nutrition education is to influence students’ eating behaviors to promote lifelong healthy eaters. Within those goals, we provide healthy foods that support student physical growth, brain development, resistance to diseases and ensure emotional stability and ability to learn.

The School follows nutrition guidelines and provides appropriate portion sizes that follow USDA standards.  All nutrition service policies follow federal and state regulations.  The School provides nutritional education and healthy food options. We also provide wellness information on our school website, flyers and school letters. The school staff attends in-service nutrition training to keep informed and to provide the most up to date information on healthy eating suggestions.

The school provides students with many opportunities to participate in a variety of physical activities. Some of those activities include 30 minutes of Physical Education to all students on a daily basis, Jump Rope for Heart, Field Day, and a school-sponsored Mini-Olympics. Also, the after-school program will provide and encourage daily periods of moderate to vigorous physical activity for all participants.

Our nutritional program is set up to be appealing and attractive to children. To form healthy eating habits in students, the School will implement standards to address the types of foods and beverages available to them The School shall offer opportunities for the students to taste different fruits and vegetables as part of nutrition education. Professional development will be offered, at least annually, to select staff on basic nutrition, serving, handling, marketing and promotion of nutritious foods.

The school also has a partnership with the Miami Children’s Museum.  The School’s unique location, inside the Miami Children’s Museum, on Watson Island, supplements the classroom’s nutrition instruction.  The Museum provides a rich learning environment and many resources that encourage wellness, supplementing classroom instruction with regular visits to the Museum’s interactive exhibits such as the Hospital Room, the Dental Health, the Nutrition & the Publix sponsored exhibit.

We believe that we have met the goals of our wellness policy. No revisions to the wellness policy are being recommended at this time.