Third Grade – Ms. Brittany & Ms. Vanessa

Last Week! Week 39

June 5th- June 8th


Field Day Movie

Thank you Toniko! (Felix’s and Jack’s mom)



i-Ready Math and Reading! No other HW is assigned.

In order to receive report cards over the summer, students must bring in a labeled envelope with their home address and a stamp.

** Early Dismissal: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:30-1:45

Important Info & Dates:

June 6th: Promotional Ceremonies & End of Year Show (Grades 3-5)

Students must wear their outfits both days for the show- June 5 & June 6th!


June 8th: Last day of School


Additional Resources: (if math HW workbook is misplaced or packets are lost, you can find the HW here to print). (This one has step by step help that reviews the lessons covered in class).